Newhouse Response to President’s Final State of the Union Address

January 12, 2016
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA) released the following statement in response to President Obama’s final State of the Union address:

“American freedoms must be defended from those who threaten them, whether by ISIS, Iran, or North Korea. Our enemies abroad have become more dangerous under this Administration. Just as the President was readying his speech, news reports that Iranian military forces have detained two U.S. Navy craft and their crews offer evidence that our enemies no longer fear or respect our leaders. These Americans must be released immediately. Iran’s provocations are the latest and most alarming in a series of hostile actions by the Iranian regime, including testing illegal ballistic missiles and continuing to hold American citizens hostage. When this Administration fails to respond with resolve when red lines are crossed, it emboldens our enemies and endangers Americans everywhere.

“The President touted his flawed nuclear deal with Iran, but he did not even acknowledge the ten American sailors who remain in Iranian custody.

“Americans are also anxious to know that the President has a concrete plan to defeat ISIS and secure our homeland. After today’s ISIS terrorist attack in Istanbul and ISIS-linked attacks in Paris, San Bernardino, and Philadelphia, Americans want to know how their government is taking action to keep them safe. We did not hear that from the President tonight.

“To any listener of President Obama’s last State of the Union speech, one would think that the majority of Americans agree with his rosy assessment that the nation is on the right track. In fact, two-thirds of Americans believe the country is heading down the wrong track. While Americans do not doubt the greatness of our country, they are uncertain about the willingness of their leaders to stand for what is right.

“I agree with President Obama that America is full of promise. I believe our greatness as a nation stems from our watchfulness for the values of personal freedom and limited government. We cannot take those values for granted, and we must remain committed to defending those values—and Americans— forcefully at home and abroad.

“Before this President’s tenure is complete, Congress will act to offer solutions that make us safer and more secure.”