COLUMN: Honoring Marine Sergeant Dietrich Schmieman

This week, the Tri-Cities community will come together in honor of U.S. Marine Sergeant Dietrich Schmieman of Richland.

In a formal ceremony, community members, family, friends, Marine Corps brothers-in-arms, and local leaders will designate the U.S. Postal Service facility at 4801 West Van Giesen Street in West Richland as the “Sergeant Dietrich Schmieman Post Office Building.”

COLUMN: Congress Must Do More to Condemn Anti-Semitism

A member of Congress makes a hateful remark, and House congressional leaders of the same political party respond by swiftly condemning and then strip that representative of all committee assignments—a severe punishment.

COLUMN: Congress Approves Landmark Bill for Yakima Basin, Okanogan County

‘Gridlock’ might seem to be the best word to describe divided government in Washington D.C. these days. However, last week, despite the partisan differences in the nation’s capital, bipartisanship and pragmatism won in what can only be described as a major legislative win for Central Washington.

COLUMN: Failure of Socialism Playing Out in Venezuela

Once one of the world’s richest oil-producing nations with the largest proven oil reserves, Venezuela’s economy has now collapsed as a result of mismanagement and socialist policies. Instead of a workers’ paradise promised by the late leftist Hugo Chávez and his successor, Nicolás Maduro, the Venezuelan people now suffer dramatic shortages of even the most basic of life’s necessities.