Newhouse Calls on World Health Organization to Investigate COVID-19 Origins, Denounces Rigged, Chinese-Sponsored Investigation

June 4, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA) introduced a resolution calling for the WHO, World Health Assembly, and the United States to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 virus.

“COVID–19 has taken the lives of nearly 3,500,000 individuals around the world. In May 2020, the World Health Assembly did not authorize a comprehensive investigation into the origins of COVID–19, and instead passed a significantly limited compromise resolution, with Chinese government support, which did not explicitly include in its scope the possibility of a research-related accident,” wrote Rep. Newhouse. “In light of the severe shortcomings of the joint-study process, a transparent and independent analysis and evaluation, free from interference and undue influence is absolutely vital for ensuring this type of crisis never happens again for the benefit of all people, all nations, and future generations.”

Click here to read the full text of the resolution.


  • In February 2021, Rep. Newhouse sent a letter to Health and Human Services (HHS) Deputy Inspector General Christi Grimm requesting an investigation into the National Institutes of Health (NIH)’s relationship with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in Wuhan, China following an editorial board published by the Washington Post questioning an association between COVID-19 pandemic with the WIV, a research lab that is funded in part with U.S. tax dollars.
  • In March 2021, Rep. Newhouse sent a letter to Health and Human Services (HHS) Acting Secretary Cochran, Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Vilsack, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Acting Commissioner Woodcock, and Trade Representative (USTR) Ambassador Tai expressing concern that the World Health Organization (WHO), at the urging of China, may modify their assumptions regarding the transmission of the virus causing COVID-19 via food and food packaging, without evidence to support such conclusions.
  • In May 2021, Rep. Newhouse sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi demanding she allow investigations into the Wuhan lab.