COLUMN: Heed Warnings from Israel, America’s Friend and Ally

Last Tuesday, you likely heard or watched as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech to a joint session of Congress. I think it was important for all Americans to hear what the Prime Minister had to say about the potential threat posed to Israel if Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

COLUMN: You Balance Your Family’s Budget – The Federal Budget Should Balance Too

Imagine if someone used a credit card, but instead of their own name, your children’s names were on the card.

It sounds absurd: no right thinking person would consign their children to pay debts they had no choice in incurring.

Yet that is how the federal government operates when it comes to borrowing money from your children and grandchildren to spend today.

COLUMN: Keep West Coast Ports Open - Our Economy Depends On It

Listening to local families, businesses, and farmers in the Mid-Columbia region, I’ve heard firsthand how the slowdown and partial shutdowns at our 29 ports along the West Coast have had a devastating economic impact on Central Washington’s economy.

COLUMN: What We Should Remember on Presidents’ Day

On February 16 of this year, our country celebrates ‘Presidents’ Day’ almost 240 years after the beginning of the American Revolution and 154 years since the start of the Civil War.