The House Committee on Appropriations recently announced that it will be accepting Community Project Funding requests from Members of Congress, designed to help deliver targeted federal funding to select projects in districts across the country. Below are the eligible requests for project funding submitted to the House Committee on Appropriations.

Columbia Basin Project
Project Requester: Columbia Basin Development League
Area Served: Adams/Grant County
Description: To begin the design process on additional distribution systems to advance them to the critical 30% level which facilitates landowner decision making and canal automation to allow progress toward ultimate completion of this element of the overall ELC system.
Requested Amount: $2,000,000

Three Rivers Behavioral Health Recovery
Project Requester: Benton County
Area Served: Benton County
Description: To build a 50-bed comprehensive behavioral health center to serve persons in mental health crisis or suffering from substance use disorder with or without co-occurring mental health disorders.
Requested Amount: $2,500,000

Colville Reservation Park Development Projects
Project Requester: Confederated Tribes of Colville
Area Served: Colville Tribes
Description: The project would involve the construction and updating of two park facilities on the Colville Reservation: Nespelem Community Park in the town of Nespelem (Okanogan county), and the Keller Community Park in the town of Keller (Ferry county).
Requested Amount: $943,000

Reimann Industrial Center Onsite Rail and Roads Project
Project Requester: Port of Pasco
Area Served: Franklin County
Description: Reimann Industrial Center Onsite Rail and Roads Project is a portion of the Phase #2 development of the Reimann. The project will design, engineer, and construct the onsite roads and railroad spur to serve future industrial clients. The Reimann Industrial Center is the Port of Pasco's new, undeveloped 300-acre industrial park located along Railroad Avenue in the unincorporated area of Franklin County. The Port of Pasco has a proven and consistent economic development track record since it was established by voters in 1940. The Reimann Industrial Center is the Port's newest development area and intended to attract substantial private investment, job creation, and new local, state, and federal tax revenues. Pasco and Franklin County have the lowest level of economic prosperity in the Tri-Cities region. Franklin County is designated as a Distressed County by the State of Washington, and the county is a Hispanic majority county. The Reimann Industrial Center will build on the success of the Port's Pasco Processing Center that includes several major food processing, cold storage, and logistics companies. The Reimann Industrial Center is already attracting attention and has been identified as the top site for a new dairy processing project that would result in a $400 million private capital investment project that will provide 200 new manufacturing wage jobs and generate more than $1.6 million annually in new property tax revenue for Franklin County and its junior taxing districts.
Requested Amount: $1,300,000

Port of Quincy Rail Infrastructure Expansion Project
Project Requester: Port of Quincy
Area Served: Grant County
Description: This project would expand the rail infrastructure on the northeast side of Quincy, WA, both within the Port’s current rail terminal and to nearby industrial zoned properties in the Port District. The Port of Quincy will need about $7.1 million in State and/or Federal Transportation Infrastructure Funding for this important freight mobility and economic development project. Proposed Storage Track 2 (from existing rail terminal to Road O NW): 2,901 feet including concrete ties and ballast
Requested Amount: $2,500,000

WVC North Health Science Building (Omak)
Project Requester: Wenatchee Valley College
Area Served: Okanogan/Chelan County
Description: The proposed Health Science Center project will provide space to house the following programs: Nursing, Nursing Assistant, Medical Laboratory Technician, Chemical Dependency, Tribal Business, and American Indian Indigenous Studies programs as well as provide space for continuing education programs. Additionally, this facility will provide space for instrumental student support and other comprehensive student support services.
Requested Amount: $2,458,649

Relocate E911 Emergency Telecomm
Project Requester: Walla Walla County
Area Served: Walla Walla County
Description: The current location of the county’s multi-agency E911 Emergency Telecommunications Facility has been identified as a targeted damage site, as it lies in the collapse path of a multi-story brick structure that could render the site a total catastrophic loss to emergency services, dispatch personnel, law enforcement capabilities, and public access to requests for fire, emergency medical services and rescue.
Requested Amount: $2,750,000

Water Canal Maintenance
Project Requester: Yakama Nation
Area Served: Yakama Nation
Description: This project will pipe an open canal that runs south along the east side of the Harrah Grade School.  This project will improve public safety, save on canal maintenance cost and improve water delivery efficiency by enclosing an open canal next to the school. This project will replace two canal control structures that are in disrepair and dangerous and difficult for personnel to operate to control water levels in the irrigation canal.  The replacement of these structures will improve personnel safety and improve water delivery system efficiency.
Requested Amount: $990,000

Yakima Air Terminal-McAllister Field (YKM)
Project Requester: City of Yakima
Area Served: Yakima County
Description: The funding request would be used for design, engineering, and construction of required utility and roadway infrastructure needed prior to construction of the terminal building. The existing utility infrastructure connecting to the terminal building was installed in the 1950’s and needs to be upgraded and replaced. Additionally, the existing vehicle access roads and parking facilities need to be redesigned in order to improve vehicle traffic flow and the safety of passengers loading and unloading, as well as traversing to parking facilities.
Requested Amount: $2,500,000

Yakima Valley College/Long-Term Care Training
Project Requester: Nursing Care Quality Assurance Comm.
Area Served: Yakima County
Description: The project supports the ability of long-term care (LTC) providers in meeting the care needs of the public. LTC facilities in Yakima county--as in other areas of the state--are faced with staffing challenges on a continuous basis. Those challenges have been exacerbated during the COVID-19 crisis. This project incentivizes workforce entry into LTC by providing a clear and viable pathway for educational and career/economic advancement, which -- in turn -- supports adequate staffing to provide quality care.
Requested Amount: $1,000,000