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America is a land of immigrants, but our current immigration system is broken. Executive actions that can be revoked with the stroke of a pen or struck down as unconstitutional create uncertainty for millions of families and individuals instead of security. The need for reform, both in our nation and in Central Washington, is critical. I am committed to fixing it for families, for our local communities, and to create a stable, reliable, legal agriculture workforce. Our nation currently faces national security threats that demand vigilance and securing our border. That first step is the beginning of this conversation. Next, we should offer a pathway to legal status for the people here who are contributing to our communities and have no criminal record. We should also streamline and modernize guest-worker programs, so that they are workable for those who want to come here to work legally and then return home. Make no mistake, the federal laws on the books must be enforced. It is the job of Congress to work together for a solution to our immigration system that encourages respect for the rule of law and legal entry to our country. I am committed to supporting a long-term solution to fix our broken immigration system.