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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Located in the Tri-Cities, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is a storied institution and one of our nation's seventeen national labs. PNNL is one of the foremost national labs in the country and continues to make many great contributions to the scientific community, the Tri-Cities, the State of Washington, and in support of our great nation for over 50 years. The work being done at PNNL addresses some of our nation's most complex national security, energy, and environmental challenges. This world-class facility is absolutely key to the long-term growth of the Tri-Cities, because of the leading role the Lab plays in preserving our capacity to innovate, enhancing our competitive edge in the global economy, and improving our quality of life. The Lab operates in a remarkable public/private partnership with Battelle, and this collaboration sets an example of the unparalleled success such partnerships can have for our country. I will continue to work to provide the Lab with the support it needs to serve our nation for generations to come.