COLUMN: End of Old Congress, Beginning of New Year

As 2018 comes to a close, so does the 115th Congress. It is an honor to represent the diverse interests of the Fourth Congressional District, and I am especially proud of the accomplishments we achieved that will improve the quality of life in Central Washington.

COLUMN: President Trump Signs Criminal Justice Reform into Law

Last week, Congress acted, and President Trump signed into law major criminal justice reform, the First Step Act. As the national crime rate declines, this legislation makes changes to reduce recidivism among federal prisoners, increase public safety, and save taxpayer dollars.

COLUMN: Farm Bill Passage Helps Central Washington Farm Country

Last week, Congress voted 369-47 to pass the 2018 Farm Bill, sending this critical legislation to President Trump for his signature into law. The agreement sets us on a better path for our country’s farmers and ranchers, for our rural communities, for small businesses, and for consumers across the country at the grocery store and at kitchen tables.

COLUMN: Remembering Our 41st President

The passing of President George Herbert Walker Bush on last Friday evening calls us to reflect on the actions and character of this outstanding public servant.