COLUMN: Strengthening Local Control to Improve Land Management

The issues of water reliability and water infrastructure are of such high importance, particularly in our region and across the West, that they are topics I constantly focus on in Congress.

COLUMN: More Agreements Needed to Open Markets and Strengthen Trade Relationships

Last week, I sat down with President Trump and members of Congress at the White House to discuss the impact of trade on agriculture in Central Washington. China’s and other nations’ retaliatory tariffs on US products are having a major impact on growers and producers in our state.

COLUMN: House Approves Bill with Big Wins for Rural Washington

The federal government plays an important role in Central Washington and across the West when it comes to a host of issues that impact rural communities. The federal government must manage vast tracks of federal lands including managing wild species, and preventing forest fires among other services.

COLUMN: Presidential Pardon Serves Justice to Hammonds

Last week, President Trump pardoned 76-year old Oregon rancher Dwight Lincoln Hammond, Jr., and his 49-year old son, Steven Hammond. I strongly believe that the pardon was justified after the vindictive prosecution and excessive sentencing of the Hammonds.