COLUMN: Forest Management Reforms Needed to Stop Our Forests from Going Up in Smoke

The sight and smell of choking haze and dangerous levels of smoke from burning forests have become all too common during our Pacific Northwest summers. Major fires have struck Central Washington time and again, year after year, and nothing will change until we decide we have had enough.

COLUMN: National Defense is a Bipartisan Priority

John Adams once said that "national defense is one of the cardinal duties of a statesman." I am pleased that the recent agreement to provide for our national defense for the upcoming fiscal year was a moment of clear unity in Congress to fulfill our constitutional duty to “provide for the common defense.”

COLUMMN: To Improve Employment Opportunities, Occupational Licensing Needs Reexamining

Do you think hair-braiding professionals should be required to obtain a cosmetology license? In about a dozen states, hair braiding actually does require such a license, at the expense of hundreds of hours of training that can cost thousands of dollars.

COLUMN: Strengthening Local Control to Improve Land Management

The issues of water reliability and water infrastructure are of such high importance, particularly in our region and across the West, that they are topics I constantly focus on in Congress.