COLUMN: Legislative Solution Required to Protect Dreamers

When President Trump’s administration announced that it would give six months to wind down the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, many young people called ‘Dreamers,’ immigrants who grew up in the U.S., were once again faced with uncertainty regarding their future here.

COLUMN: Productive August in Central Washington

In the Fourth Congressional District, the August district work period has been a busy time for me traveling up and down Central Washington to meet with constituents and hear their concerns firsthand.

COLUMN: Safeguard Veterans’ 2nd Amendment Rights

The 2nd Amendment is an individual right guaranteed to Americans in our Constitution. Especially after the fight for independence against the British, the Founders understood the importance of an armed citizenry.

COLUMN: Energy Secretary Visit Highlights Importance of Hydropower, Our National Lab, and Hanford Cleanup

In January, as soon as it became clear that former Texas Governor Rick Perry would serve as the next U.S. Secretary of Energy, I extended an invitation to him to visit Central Washington. Last week, I was pleased to welcome Secretary Perry to learn more about the contributions our community has made to our history and continues to make for our future as a country.