COLUMN: Progress on Central Washington Issues

Hurry up and wait. That’s a well-known phrase that can often apply to the way Congress operates: gradual starts followed by sudden momentum. Every matter before Congress is considered in a process driven by a series of discussions and debates.

COLUMN: Save Our Snake River Dams

In the Inland Northwest, it is difficult to overstate the benefits of water infrastructure and hydropower projects along the Columbia River and its tributaries. Harnessing the power of the rivers has been a central challenge in the Pacific Northwest, but it has been necessary to support our way of life.

COLUMN: A More Perfect Union

Wealthy coastal cities versus the agrarian countryside. Supporters of big central government versus advocates of a limited government. Big states versus small states. Manufacturers versus traders. Debt hawks versus doves. Sound familiar?

COLUMN: Long-Due Accountability for Our Veterans

Like many Americans, I have been very concerned about the reports of scandals and incidents of mistreatment of our veterans by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in recent years. I have heard stories firsthand from veterans in Central Washington about their negative experiences at VA facilities and their frustrations with the bureaucratic process.