COLUMN: Making Central Washington’s Voice Heard on Wildfires

The past few weeks, much of the nation’s attention has focused on devastating hurricanes on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts as well as in the Caribbean. We have come together as a nation to care for those suffering and offer assistance to Americans affected by hurricanes.

COLUMN: Tax Relief Framework Released for American Families and Businesses

As a conservative who believes in the free market, I believe that American businesses hire more workers and families thrive when you are able to spend and invest more of your own hard-earned paychecks. The complexity and distortions created by our current broken tax code are holding back economic growth and job creation.  

COLUMN: Bipartisan Effort to Boost American Ag Exports Picks Up Steam

When consumers in Tokyo or Hong Kong want delicious fresh fruit, meat, or other products, they are likely to know that the best is grown here in the United States. American farmers produce the highest quality produce in the world, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides assistance that help our farmers gain access to foreign markets that can be tricky to tap into.

COLUMN: Deadline Demands Action for Community Health Centers

When Barbara Johnston realized she was going blind, it changed everything. She could not read the numbers on her prescription, nor could she tell which medications needed refilling, including her blood pressure medication. She also realized her vision problems, the result of macular degeneration, were getting worse.